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What are Your Vacation Dealbreakers?

What are Your Vacation DealbreakersWhat are Your Vacation Dealbreakers

It isn’t very often that an individual will get up and on the spur of the moment decide to go on a vacation the following day. This is the sort of stuff that fairytales are made of, what we would expect to see in a movie, and behavior typically expected from people sitting down on piles and piles of cash. In the real world however, a vacation is the culmination of lengthy periods of saving, and equally lengthy periods of planning. Sometimes this saving and planning takes years; that is if the perfect, or near perfect, vacation is the desired result. In fact those people who begin their planning a mere two to three months prior to their departure are considered last minute bookings.

During the planning process, potential vacationers usually do what is called due diligence. This is merely a fancy name for investigating or checking to see that all is in order, and that things go smoothly throughout in so far as humanly possible. Things that have the potential to direct people away from a particular vacation destination are referred to in some quarters as vacation dealbreakers. The Internet is perhaps the most important tool available today that can be used to identify vacation dealbreakers.

What are Your Vacation Dealbreakers
What are Your Vacation Dealbreakers

The wealth of information reposited there is enormous, and potential vacationers would be remiss not to take advantage of it. A fisherman will not tell you that his fish stinks and he will do whatever is necessary to make his sale. The same principle is applicable to vacation destinations. We may not be fortunate enough to be able to meet in person someone who has been where we plan to go, but it is highly likely that a few reviews may be posted online that can assist us in our deliberations. Ironically these reviews also help vacation destinations to see where they fall short so they can shape up.

For many persons one sure vacation dealbreaker is a tourist destination with no reviews. Naturally guests expect vacation destinations to spell out their offerings but they also would like to hear what others who have actually experienced it in person have to say too. Another vacation dealbreaker is poor customer service. This includes staff members that are downright rude and in some cases a taste of things to come surfaces during the initial telephone contact. People can stay right at home and get this so it is certainly not necessary to pay for and travel miles to get it. Also making the list is as simple a thing as no amenities. Traveling halfway around the world only to learn that no towels have been provided will not make guests happy campers.

People would prefer to know in advance exactly what to, and what not to pack. Imagine getting to one’s vacation destination only to find no Internet access or cable television? Things some people see as inconsequential are in reality major vacation dealbreakers for others. Among these are terrible foods, dirty rooms, hard beds, having to join a line to make dinner reservations, rocky beaches, no premium alcohol, pesky beach vendors, and too few chairs and shade outside.

This due diligence business is important if one wishes to circumvent potential hindrances to the perfect vacation. While it will be impossible to foresee and address every eventuality inimical to pulling off the perfect vacation, there are red flags to look out for and avoid. You could say the watchwords for potential vacationers are due diligence and vacation dealbreakers.

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