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Upcoming Gadgets 2014

Gadgets are the mini versions of  consumer electronic devices which can be used in place of the device which is being replaced. Main motive is to be able to access the device’s feature at any point of time and at any place.2014 will be the year in which many new gadgets will be released, whose feature is never seen before in its kind. Some of the Upcoming gadgets 2014 are listed below.

 Upcoming gadgets 2014 :Moto 360

Moto 360 is a smartwatch by Google. It looks just like a watch, but has more to show off about. It features Android OS and thus can be paired with your android device or iOS via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It will show notifications that are on your phone or can separately perform some actions. Like, it will track information when you’re running or remind you about an event.

It is currently in beta testing, and with the final release it may able to run some apps.It was announced at Google I/O event and will be available in market in quarter 1 of 2015and will be available for price tag of around $280 and in 2colors silver and black. Amazon-Google’s project focused on creating a smartwatch that enables to perform actions without touching the phone. So it paired with a couple of manufacturers to make a handy smartwatch, which is simple yet elegant. Keeping these facts in mind, Motorola introduced Moto 360.

It runs on Android OS and has pretty good features to list. Users can message without touching their smartphone, get reminders, navigate to a place using on screen display. It may feature active voice commands which will improve its functionality. It looks like a watch, with round display and thin silver bezels and straps that will grip it around the wrist and will be available in two colors which are silver and black.

It was announced at Google I/O this year and will be soon available commercially in quarter 4 of this year. It will carry a price tag of about $300.It is currently in development stages and when introduced it may also support some apps modified to run on the smartwatch.

 Google Glass

Google is shocking the tech world with brilliant innovations and it seems like that Google is trying to make more and more tech wearables. It announced Google Glass; while it carries looks of sci-fi spectacle with a with an optical head mounted display or as called OHMD which is located at top right corner and presents information and can be seen easily not being an obstacle in the normal vision. It runs android OS and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options which help it be connected to an Android or iOS smartphone. It can run some apps like Google plus, Google search and offers some other features like tracing your health stats and workout hours, helps you navigate through unknown places. Entertainment features music playback by Google Play Music. It is also available to developers only just like Motorola’s Moto 360,while ETA is unknown.

Google Glass is a great invention, allowing users’ complete hands-free control to the users. It features a head mounted display which means it is attached to a spectacle frame which is used to display some information and interact with apps.It can be paired with a smartphone that runs on Android or iOS and requires an app to be installed on the native device. It also helps you track your workout and weight with some apps. You can listen to your favorite music with help of Google Play Music and a pair of headphones.Also, golf lovers can get additional information like that of swing angle of stick and its speed too. Also weather and navigation is provided. Updates via OTA can be installed. It is not out commercially and limited to developers only. Pricing will be around $500 which is a good amount for such a gadget.

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