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The Tourist Spots of Barcelona

The Tourist Spots of BarcelonaThe Tourist Spots of Barcelona

Barcelona is the second biggest city in the country of Spain, following Madrid. This region can be found on the coast of the Mediterranean, sandwiched between the Besos and Llobregat rivers, and bounded by the ridge of Serra de Collserola to the West. It has a population of more than 1.6 million people who are ready to accept visitors from around the globe.

This is because Barcelona has a great influence on the arts, science, fashion, media, entertainment, education and commerce. It is also due to the fact that this town is a leader in cultural-sports, exhibitions or trade fairs, economics and tourism in the world. Those who want to book a vacation will get great deals and discounts from Vueling.

It is common for most tourists to go to Barcelona to have a beach excursion in Lloret de Mar, or visit the stadium where the FC Barcelona soccer team practices in. This city has more to offer than just those two highlights, and the places below have been recommended by experienced travelers:

The Tourist Spots of Barcelona
The Tourist Spots of Barcelona

The Gothic Quarter

This is the perfect adventure for those who are fond of architecture, and the concept of preserving ancient buildings while placing them beside the current ones. The Gothic Quarter is one place that gives Barcelona a unique character, as tourists are invited to get lost in its maze of city streets. While some locations have been changed over time, tourists will still get to see some structures that look quite medieval. They will feel like they entered a time warp because of the authenticity of the buildings, particularly the Career del Bisbe Irurita. Visitors are advised to ready their cameras.

Park Guell

This park offers a relaxing and peaceful environment for spending a couple of hours in Barcelona. The good news is that there are many things for tourists to see as well. One of the highlights of this location is the amazing mosaic salamander, which places a foot on a staircase. It is built out of superb mosaic craftsmanship, and is a popular attraction with kids. Tourists who wander enough of the park will see more of these mosaic artworks scattered around.

Sagrada Familia

While travelers will get great deals and discounts from Melia, Antoni Gaudi is famous in Barcelona because of two of his original designs: Park Guell and this incredible structure. This building was fist started in 1882, over a century ago. Interestingly though, this structure is still 50% complete as of 2013. Sagrada Familia has a very multicolored history, and its construction has outlived its original designer (Gaudi) and a list of people who have taken over the project. Tourists are advised to visit the area early in the morning, as there is a huge line at the entrance every day.

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