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The Tourist Attractions of Albufeira

The Tourist Attractions of AlbufeiraThe Tourist Attractions of Albufeira

There is a town in Portugal known as Albufeira, which is a central tourist destination because of its coastlines in the heart of the Albufeira Municipality. Its population of more than 22,000 people is ready and willing to welcome the yearly flood of tourists. This region can be located 160 miles (250 kilometers) from Lisbon, and is very close to Paderne Castle. Other neighboring cities include Faro (located 28 miles or 45 kilometers to the southeast) and Lagos (found at 19 miles or 30 kilometers to the west). Visitors can do a lot of recreational activities here, like go to the bars or restaurants, play golf, or spend the day at the marina. Travelers will get great discounts and deals when they let American Airlines Vacations take care of their memorable excursion.

After the tourists exit Faro Airport to go to Albufeira, they can look forward to some fun with the sands, sun, and sea. While the beaches and coastlines will already make the trip worth it, here are some highlights that every visitor should see at least once. When they get there, they will know why seasoned travelers keep coming back to these places:

The Tourist Attractions of Albufeira
The Tourist Attractions of Albufeira

Cerro da Villa

The name of the location roughly translates as “Roman ruins”. While most people will go to Albufeira because of its coastlines and beaches, Cerro da Villa will offer an adventure and a break from the sun with its eerie town ruins. Most of the buildings and houses are no longer standing, but tourists will notice clues of an ancient civilization there.

Praia da Marinha

This beach is a big reason why there are so many visitors coming into Albufeira each year. Those who have been here will have stories to tell their friends and family about their great experiences in this stunning beach. It is surrounded by a background of spectacular cliffs that feel very tranquil compared to most of the big beaches in the region. The rocks and cliffs have been molded by the ocean over many millennia, creating an outline with some fascinating shapes (not the typical “holes in the rocks” formations that point out into the ocean).

Paderne Castle

It has been centuries since this fortress was erected, yet it stands just as tall and strong as the day it was built. When excursionists will leave the Faro Airport and check out the great deals of Orbitz, they will see this before they reach Albufeira since the castle is located within the district. Because of the history of the castle, it has managed to stand the test of time and stay in top condition. Tourists will be guided through a walkway and a tower accordingly, where they will find out that the castle walls are almost two meters thick in certain areas. This is a good adventure for parents and their children.

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