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The Popular Tourist Spots of Thailand

The Popular Tourist Spots of ThailandThe Popular Tourist Spots of Thailand

The nation of Thailand is officially known as the “Kingdom of Thailand”, and it used to be called “Siam”. It can be found in Southeast Asia by passing through the Indochina peninsula. Its neighbors to the North include Laos and Burma, the Andaman Sea and the lower portion of Burma border it to the west, Malaysia and the Gulf of Thailand can be found at the south, and Cambodia and parts of Laos border it to the east. Frequent travelers should take advantage of the great discounts and deals that are being offered by United Vacations.

The inhabitants of Thailand have a lot to be proud of, because there are so many things to do and see here. This results in tourists who keep coming back because they are not able to resist its perennial charm. The stunning tropical islands and expansive coastlines deliver the promise of laidback ambience and excellent beaches. Inland and afar, there are jungles that are lush and full of wildlife, World Heritage Sites courtesy of UNESCO, rice paddies and a lot more fauna and fauna.

The Popular Tourist Spots of Thailand
The Popular Tourist Spots of Thailand

Because most people in Thailand practice Buddhism, there are plenty of golden temples that show off architecture that has been inspired by their religion and beliefs. Bangkok offers the exact opposite. This capital provides party animals and food fanatics with floating markets, skyscrapers, streets filled with smog, and neon lights that can overwhelm anyone.

Thailand has proven time and time again to be an alluring tourist destination because it has managed to keep its Oriental origins and identity despite the influence of the west. In a way, this nation is able to put together the best of the West and the East. No matter what interests an individual, whether he or she is a fan of outdoor adventures or just wants a beach to relax in, there are facilities in Thailand that will cater to many different experiences.

Here are a number of tourist destinations that people love to visit:

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

This popular location is a virtual time machine that brings everyone to the past, when the residents would sell flowers, vegetables and fruits on longtailed boats that cruise along the river of Chao Phraya. Tourists can explore the river villages and the market via boat.

The temples of Chiang Mai

While frequent fliers will enjoy great discounts and deals when they buy the services of Orbitz, a popular tour in this nation is the one where they visit the Chiang Mai temples. This ancient city is home to a number of interesting old Buddhist shelters. An example of this is the Wat Pra Singh. It is a temple that has been a sanctuary for the historically revered Phra Singh Buddha, a figure that has been around since the 15th Century.

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