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Some Must-Visit Museums in Singapore

Some Must-Visit Museums in Singapore

The shopaholics and fashion conscious have been going in and out of Singapore for a long time, attracted by the great number of shopping malls which present numerous labels and brands that satisfy their cravings. For those people who are touring the country on a budget, there are other ways to enjoy their vacation here. Singapore is not just about the lifestyle shopping malls. It also boasts of some beautiful museums that house the history and culture of its inhabitants. Tourists can get some great discounts on airfare via Frontier Airlines.

The country takes great pride in their museums because of their fondness for efficiency and organization. This results in art spaces that have been properly maintained. Every museum in Singapore can be accessed via public transportation. They are air-conditioned, and provide souvenir stores, restrooms and wheelchairs to aid the disabled or elderly. Here are some of the popular museums in Singapore:

Some Must-Visit Museums in Singapore

The National Museum

This famous facility takes pride in housing the crucial artifacts that tell the story of its history – the 11 National Treasures. The collection includes some local fauna and flora watercolor paintings created by the first inhabitant of colonial Singapore, William Farquhar, the Chinese glove puppet theater set created around the 1930’s, and the last will and testament of the Father of Modern Malay prose, Munshi Abdullah. Tourists who want to know more about the history of the nation must see the Four Living Galleries of this building. It presents a showcase of classic films, costumes, pictures, replicas and artifacts that document the history of cuisine, photography, performing arts and fashion of Singapore.

The Peranakan Museum

This building is the only location that displays the culture and arts of a unique ethnic group which was formed and still influences Southeast Asia today. The Peranakan (in Malay, this means “locally-born”) normally talks about the children of the Chinese traders who wed Malay women and lived in the settlements of Penang, Malacca and Singapore in the 14thcentury. This ethnic group also covers the descendants of the union of local women and Indian merchants during the 15th century. These unions between the parties generated a fusion of civilizations, and it shows in the colorful fashions, architecture and cuisine that make up the multicultural blend of Malaysia and Singapore.

The Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

Travelers should look for great deals in Delta Vacations because they can save a lot of money. This facility stands as the storehouse of visual art in Singapore. It contains and protects more than 7,000 artwork pieces that are unique to Southeast Asia. Its extensive inventory includes photos, prints, sketches, multimedia installations, sculptures and paintings. All of these exhibits serve as eye candy for fans of contemporary and modern art forms.

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