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Places to Tour in Puglia

Places to Tour in PugliaPlaces to Tour in Puglia

Puglia (also known as “Apulia”) is an Italian region that is located in Southern Italy, with Bari as its capital city. Its borders include the Gulf of Taranto and the Strait of Otranto at the south, the Ionian Sea at the southeastern direction, and the Adriatic Sea that can be found in the east. The Salento peninsula, which resides at the south most, contributes the most to the boot shape of Italy by forming a high heel when it is observed in a world map.

Puglia carries a population of about 4.1 million and covers a space of 7,469 square miles (19,345 square kilometers). Across the Ionian and Adriatic seas, this region is a neighbor to Montenegro, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania. Tourists can get great discounts when they purchase the services of Orbitz.

Places to Tour in Puglia
Places to Tour in Puglia

Puglia has a lot of coastlines that welcome exploration, and there are many cities that can accommodate those tourists who are weary from their travels. The fun part about this region is that it is unlikely for any adult to get lost. Below are the cities that experienced travelers will definitely recommend to those who are visiting Puglia for the first time:


This city has been declared the capital city for a reason. Its residents take great pride in how beautiful their city is. Bari is home to the famous St. Nicholas Basilica, which is a marvel of supreme architecture no matter what time of the day it is. This basilica is almost ten centuries old, but it has been preserved well. Swabian Castle also rests in this city, and this large and popular tourist spot is a venue for numerous contests all through the year.


Those who love a culinary adventure will find it here, and they should book a hotel in advance as the city of Foggia is known for its eateries that have plenty of gastronomical delights. Its name originates from the pits that used to contain plenty of wheat, but it has been centuries since that time, so the pits are no longer being used.

Foggia houses the archeological park known as Passo di Corvo that was built around the Neolithic era, and the Santa Maria de Fovea cathedral.


While travelers will be excited to know that booking their flights via Expedia will give them awesome rewards and great deals, this city is also proud of its unique and various attractions that are always worth visiting. Most Italian towns have their classic buildings in their mainland, but tourists who are staying in Gallipoli have to cross a bridge to an island where their old town is. This is the highlight of this city, as its old walls are a part of Italian history, and have been standing for more than five hundred years.

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