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Imagine no More…Investigate Iceland Immediately!

Imagine no More…Investigate Iceland Immediately!

Overpriced, overcrowded, and overrated, these are words often used to describe some of the more popular vacation destinations around today. No matter where these travel destinations are, or what attractions they may have, obviously the better option would be to steer clear of them.

This should not prove too difficult a task, as there is an abundance of travel destinations the world over that offer attractive prices, aren’t overcrowded, and certainly not overrated. One such travel destination that fits squarely into the category of the latter is Iceland.

Despite what its name might suggest, Iceland is not a land mass covered entirely by ice. In fact if it were not for winter one could quite easily be led to believe that they were somewhere else in a more temperate clime. Normally one would not associate Iceland with tourism but it does exist there.

Imagine no More…Investigate Iceland Immediately!

The number of tourists in recent years has been snowballing, and that trend shows no sign of easing any time soon. As a tourist destination Iceland has so much to offer it should in all honesty rank right up there with the best of them.

Visitors to Iceland, who have an interest in anything to do with nature in general, will have a plethora of things to occupy their interest. One of the special things to do in Iceland is whale watching. This is not something that one will be able to see just about anywhere, and Iceland is recognized as among the ten best places in the world to indulge in this pastime. There are also bird watching opportunities and the famous Mývatn Lake is a favored location for this. Iceland is home to in excess of 170 Geothermal Pools, and those with a penchant for natural hot springs are bound to appreciate this.

Of note is the The Stryta in Eyjafjordur, which has the distinction of being the only geothermal cone in the world that one can scuba dive to. Other attractions worth checking out are the Glacier lagoon, golf courses, the unique hiking and mountain biking riding trails, river-rafting, skiing, and horse-riding tours to name a few.

The most common way of moving around Iceland is via car, and rental agencies are to be found in most of the major towns. Visitors are advised to always exercise caution, as the terrain and the weather at times pose serious challenges. Visitors to Iceland will be exposed to fare often time a bit different from that to which they are accustomed. Here the staple meat is Icelandic lamb, which is sold ground, in fresh cuts, smoked, salted, spiced, and served in the form of a variety of frankfurters and sausages.

Cattle use in Iceland is primarily for dairy products and not for beef as is the case in other jurisdictions. Pork is considered a rare and expensive commodity, while horseflesh is a regular component of most menus. This is in part due to horsemeat being tenderer, and more readily available than beef. As is to be expected fish is plentiful in Iceland, of high quality, and quite inexpensive. An important part of many a meal is the herring, which can be, raw salted, baked, fried, pickled, or smoked.

Nearly every meal is accompanied by a glass of cold milk but coffee takes the prize for being the top beverage. That being said, Brennivin, a drink somewhat like brandy, is considered to be the national drink. With relation to accommodations tourists have a wide range of options from which to choose. There are guesthouses, hotels, hotels, camping, sleeping bag accommodations, and lodging is available throughout Iceland at affordable rates.

Iceland may not possess the year round warmth and sunshine, pristine beaches, glittery nighttime skyline, or bustling theme parks of other tourist destinations, but it does have enough to make it worth checking out. Travel agents will be more than wiling to assist.

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