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Historical Places in Krakow

Historical Places in KrakowHistorical Places in Krakow

The country of Poland takes great pride in Krakow. It is one of its oldest capitals and the second biggest city in the nation, which is considered by many as a beautiful centre for art and music with a rich history. It can be found within the Lesser Poland area, positioned on the Vistula River. A lot of educational institutions from around the world will consider it a privilege to be able to visit this interesting locale.

During the year 966 CE, this city used to be a trading town. It eventually grew in influence and size to turn into a prosperous area during the ninth century, becoming the capital of the nation for a long time. Frequent flyers will get to enjoy a lot of great discounts and deals when they purchase services from Delta Vacations.

Historical Places in Krakow
Historical Places in Krakow

For students who are studying the storied history of Europe, Poland is proud to share its knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn about it. Here are some of the places that schools must place on their itinerary.


A school trip in Krakow is not complete if students do not visit one very infamous location in the history of the world. This area has the Nazi concentration base that had many people killed. The people of this city decided to keep this site as a memorial, complete with a museum that shows visitors a number of historical artifacts. It is common for visitors to feel intimidated and somewhat scared, but no one can deny the significance of this place in the history of the world.


This is one of the towns that are designed for school trips. This lively neighborhood that is filled with fascinating stores, galleries, and cafes is known as the Old Jewish quarter, and it presents an atmosphere which is vibrant. Students have the privilege of enjoying these benefits, while being surrounded by bits of history to keep them focused on what they are studying. This district used to be a city that was founded in the year 1335 by King Kazimierz Wielki, and it eventually turned into a significant hub of Jewish culture. While it had a very dark history under the Nazis, it has prospered and houses various museums and the yearly Jewish Culture Festival.

“Stare Miasto”

Fare Buzz offers a lot of great discounts and deals for travelers who purchase their services. The Polish call this place Stare Miasto or “The Old Town”, and students will get a large combination of historic features and attractive atmosphere. This is the most ancient city in Krakow, providing a lot of insight into the origins of this interesting place. Everyone is encouraged to visit the Sukiennice, Wawel Castle, and The Krakow Historical Museum.

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