Ha Long Bay: A Legendary Vietnam Cruise

The country of Vietnam used to be a dangerous place because of many wars, but it has survived and progressed into a safe environment. It is now full of well known natural sights, chic cafes and boutiques, refined restaurants, fashionable shopping malls, stylish French inspired architecture and historic capitals. Beyond the rich blend of colonial heritage and courageous history, there are a lot more fascinating myths and stories about this place for tourists to explore. Feel free to check BookIt for the latest travel deals.

Vietnam is located in the center of Southeast Asia, and can be reached via a single flight. But vacationers who want to take their time can enjoy an enchanting and romantic cruise instead. Passengers will get to witness a blazing sunset as the ship passes by the nation’s beautiful Ha Long Bay, and they can indulge in gorgeous combinations of exquisite cuisine and lively landscapes. With the help of tour providers like Friendly Planet Travel, booking a Vietnam cruise has never been easier.

Ha Long Bay A Legendary Vietnam Cruise

Ha Long Bay A Legendary Vietnam Cruise

An Introduction to Ha Long Bay

Literally translated as “Bay of Descending Dragons”, Ha Long Bay is an attraction for many locals and tourists alike. Sporting a gorgeous seascape placed along rocky cliffs of limestone, this location is full of legendary attractions, natural flora and fauna and a breathtaking atmosphere. Ha Long Bay is gorgeously dotted with splendid caves, tranquil islands and small clusters of fertile islets which decorate the area.

Past this lush and untouched scenery lies a great hidden secret. Ha Long Bay is home to an enchanting and magical myth that has been passed from generation to generation. This myth says that these islands were created when a group of dragons came from the heavens to assist the locals in keeping their lands free from the invading Chinese. The dragons expectorated gems and jade into the sea. These minerals became the many islands and islets that peppered the bay, building a beautiful yet unforgiving citadel that defended the area from the invaders. This alluring myth combined with the supernatural scenery has upgraded this tourist paradise into an important natural heritage site.

Ha Long Bay: An Attractive Fishing Village

Apart from enjoying the views of the lush islands, cruise passengers that book using Expedia get the chance to look at the floating villages which take solace in the bluish waters of Ha Long Bay. Cua Van Village is the biggest of these fishing villages, adding more value to an educational leisure trip. The inhabitants rely on fish farming and fishing to thrive, and it is amazing to see their houses floating on bamboo or wood.

This community and all the sights of this location will make any cruise to Vietnam a treat for all the senses.

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