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Four of the “Most Wanted” Dream Vacation Destinations

Four of the “Most Wanted” Dream Vacation DestinationsFour of the “Most Wanted” Dream Vacation Destinations

There is hardly anyone that you know personally who does not have a special vacation destination they would love to visit. It is a given that barring time and financial constraints we would be on our way on the very next plane out. Unfortunately, we live in the real world and the majority of us have to save like dickens and plan for years for that dream vacation to that special place to become a reality. Humans are unique creatures and true to form everyone has their own special reason why they want to go wherever for that special vacation. Here are some of the places that easily make the “most wanted” list of dream vacation destinations.

Among the places people would go to great lengths to spend their vacation is the French capital Paris, and the Île de la Cité in particular. Paris has from forever it seems, been touted as the world’s most romantic city and justifiably so. Romance however is not the city’s only drawing card, as the scenic beauty of the place has the power to captivate all fortunate enough to grace its environs. Its rivers, palaces, squares, bridges, churches, eateries, and boutiques all combine to make a compelling picture.

The Caribbean is another of the places making the most wanted list of vacationers the world over. People who are accustomed to freezing temperatures and terrible weather are dying to experience the all year round sunshine that islands in the Caribbean are renowned for. The beautiful scenery, pristine beaches, tasty and exotic fare, strong liquor, friendly locals, and events such as carnival, Jazz & Blues Festival and Reggae Sumfest, are just a few of the reasons this region is so popular.

Four of the “Most Wanted” Dream Vacation Destinations
Four of the “Most Wanted” Dream Vacation Destinations

Some people have a touch of the wild in them…not wild as in wanting to do crazy things, but wild as in a special love of nature and wild animals in their natural habitat. For a lot of these people the Serengeti National Park of Tanzania is at the top of their vacation destination list. Football fans will tell you that watching a game on television is an entirely different thing from watching it in the stands, and that is entirely true. At the Serengeti region visitors have the opportunity to see the largest mammal migration on Earth unfold before their eyes and the experience is truly unforgettable.

Imagine nearly a million and a half zebras and wildebeests racing across grasslands and fording rivers while at the same time skirting the dangers of crocodiles, lions, and other predators lying in wait along the way. Of course there are loads of other animals to watch in action, such as elephants, leopards, gazelles, giraffes, rhinos, and buffalos to name a few. It is good to keep in mind that they are best viewed from a distance though. Visitors also get a chance to immerse themselves in the indigenous Maasai culture and experience some of their luxurious safari camps.

People may not turn a hair on hearing the name Florida, but mention the attraction that it hosts and that is another story….Walt Disney World! This is a name synonymous with fun for both young and old alike and should they close their doors forever for whatever reason there would be a lot of sad faces in a great many places for a very long time. Nothing much needs to be said about Walt Disney World, save for, “Try not to overdo it”.

People will have different vacation destinations making up their most wanted list and some may have these very same ones but for different reasons. It would be interesting to see what your list looks like.

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