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Experience a Spring Year-Round Utopia at Medellin, Colombia

Experience a Spring Year-Round Utopia at Medellin, ColombiaExperience a Spring Year-Round Utopia at Medellin, Colombia

Generally, who would not like spring and the promise of freshness it brings? Don’t you wish your day be filled with blossoming flowers; promising natural beauty and trees showing lushes of greenery? The cool air that crosses between winter and summer is a weather that everyone could dream of forever.

It certainly is a utopia at Medellin Colombia. Located in Latin America, Colombia is graced with nice weather all through out the year. Because the area is mountainous, the temperature is relatively fabulous. With a pleasant temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit, who would not prefer this amazing sight? It is a guarantee that in Medellin every melody that springs in the air, as one sits in a sofa chair, is a hum of life faraway from the world’s financial strife.

Experience a Spring Year-Round Utopia at Medellin, Colombia
Experience a Spring Year-Round Utopia at Medellin, Colombia

Recently, Medellin was included in the list of eight places in the world where a typical American can enjoy their retiree’s pay without struggling with too much difficulty. In this city, one can live here comfortably, as a 1,500 budget can go a long, long way. It has also been considered as the third nicest place to go when in Latin America. The government’s strive to promote tourism did pay off. Now, Medellin is a word of mouth from North to South; its natural beauty, its warmth and the welcoming attitudes of the local, and the city’s investments for aspects that are purely cultural.

Foreigners have not exploited Medellin yet, so its real estate is not as expensive as any other cities in the world. A typical apartment rent in the city runs within a retiree’s money. Medellin’s 2.4 million-population makes it a less crowded city away from the rest of the nation. With cool nights and a peaceful day, Medellin amazes travelers till the very end of their stay. One year stay or maybe forever and a day, this is the right place to be.

Medellin life is not that boring at all. Lifestyle is a combination of everything; nature and city tripping. Parks, museum, and other areas for public recreation are within everyone’s reach. Everything comes between local life and city life. Nightlife is a mixture of modern party and Salsa with reggae. Just like any other Latin City, Medellin’s conservative way is still within the confines of the modern technology. The safe party atmosphere makes the nightlife even better; a thing that can make travelers stay in Medellin forever.

Amenities are always easy to reach. 5 big hospitals are always on standby. What’s good with it is that Medellin offers high quality medical services. In fact, the city takes pride of being a leader in medical tourism industry. Moreover, coming to and fro is easy. Getting back to the country of origin is convenient through Jose Maria Cordova airport located 19 miles from the city. See how convenient that can be.

The next time you travel and the next time you choose where to be…You know you can head towards Medellin City.

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