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China’s Great Wall

China’s Great WallChina’s Great Wall

Within the enormous northern territory of the nation of China lies the Great Wall. This structure that looks like a giant Chinese dragon that is sleeping is a project that has inspired the world. This treasured landmark has witnessed more than 2,500 years of human history, and it continues to bring in tourists from anywhere in the globe. The UNESCO added this location in their World Heritage List in 1987, and on July 7, 2007, the Great Wall was chosen to be one of the latest Seven Wonders of the World via a poll between all countries. There is a saying that an individual has not seen the entire China without hiking the Great Wall, and while there are many photos available on the Internet, no tour of the country is compete without viewing this historical area. Touring this spot is a lifetime experience, and Emirates provides great deals on airfare.

While the Great Wall was being built, there have been a lot of legends surrounding it. One of the most famous tales talks about Lady Meng Jiangu. During the evening of their wedding, the husband of Meng Jiangnu was assigned by the Qin forces to build the Great Wall. Before he left, Lady Meng spilt her jade white hairpin in two and made her husband keep a half to signify their love for each other. One night, she had a dream that her husband kept on complaining that he was feeling cold. She remembered that her husband did not wear thick clothing upon his departure, and made some padded apparel for him and left the house to search for her husband.

China’s Great Wall
China’s Great Wall

She was informed that her husband passed away from over fatigue, and she fell into a great sadness. Her tears caused the Great Wall to move over 20 kilometers, and it uncovered the bodies of the people who gave their lives for the completion of the project, including her husband. After she witnessed this, she threw herself into the ocean to end her own life. In memory of her loyalty and love for her significant other, the Chinese have erected a temple close to the sea at Shanhai Pass. It is believed that she is still searching the afterlife for her beloved.

Advice for those who wish to tour the Great Wall

Tourists can get great discounts from Orbitz, so it is a good idea to visit their official website. When visiting the Great Wall, tourists have to take note of aspects such as their health condition (the area has steep steps to climb), their safety, the accessibility of the location, and the seasons. The parts of the Wall that visitors can easily access are the Juyong and Badaling Pass.

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