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Australian Events and Festivals

Australian Events and FestivalsAustralian Events and Festivals

The “Commonwealth of Australia” (or simply Australia) is a nation that is made up of the tiny islands around the Australian continent, the continent itself, and the island of Tasmania. If the basis is the entire land area, this country is the sixth biggest in the world. It welcomes its neighbors from New Zealand, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Indonesia to its festivals and events. Tourists who want to be a part of the great parties in this nation can get promos and discount codes from Insanely Cheap Flights.

Aside from its seemingly limitless shoreline, diverse urban locations and awe-inspiring flora and fauna, visitors from around the world are attracted to Australia because of its lively events and fantastic festivals. With so much to see and do in this place, it is no wonder Australia is a popular destination for travelers. Here are some examples of what excursionists will encounter

Australian Events and Festivals
Australian Events and Festivals

Cultural Festivities:

Melbourne Comedy Festival

This social gathering is also the biggest cultural happening in the nation. More than 600,000 individuals get together to witness visual arts, television, radio, film, street performances, cabaret, theatre, and stand-up comedy from an extensive global roster of entertainers. Australia takes pride in this event, because it is the second biggest tribute to comedy in this planet.

Sydney Mardi Gras

Australia holds this lesbian and gay cultural event for two weeks between the months of February and March. A lot of people can be observed marching or riding a float down Oxford Street while the nearby crowds would get together and cheer. All of the restaurants and pubs in the area will have something special for everyone, and everyone is invited to join in the great outdoor picnic which is held in a location that will be announced.

Australia Day

Speaking of national pride, the nation celebrates this special day to pay homage to Captain Arthur Philip who placed the flag of Great Britain at the cove of Sydney on January 26, 1788. During this cultural festival, hundreds of firework displays, cultural exhibitions, pageants, and parades are taking place all over the nation. This is one day where everyone will experience something special, regardless of where they are in this continent.

Sporting Events:

The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

This exciting adrenaline rush happens on March. The Albert Park circuit tests the talented drivers and their fast cars for four days, while the Royal Australian Air Force performs an air show.

The Australian Open

While tourists get great deals from Smart Fares, this major sporting event is a must-see when visiting Australia. This Grand Slam tennis competition is a highly sought after event (based on high volumes of ticket sales), and the Melbourne Federation Square presents the games for free on a large screen.

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